Non-profit organizations that hire us typically…

  1. Have difficulty securing funding for operations or program related investment (PRI)
  2. Are not successfully executing strategic plans
  3. Need assistance in creating a social enterprise as an additional source of revenue
  4. Have internal staff that is not adequately aligned on key issues effecting performance.
  5. Have difficulty achieving consensus with their Board and other stakeholders.


How We Add Value In Each of These Areas…

  1. Assess the organization’s condition in key areas of importance to funders and improve performance, for example:
    • Scalability, differentiation, brand awareness
    • Capital Structure: cash position, assets, liquidity
    • Leadership: nurturing a culture of strategic planning, successful execution and learning
    • Systems/Processes: tracking key performance drivers, reporting, taking action
    • Improving and measuring key performance indicators to boost ROI
    • Helping to determine the organization’s SROI, Social Return on Investment
    • Fostering and sustaining board engagement/enthusiasm
  2. Identify and remediate obstacles to insure consistent, enthusiastic and effective execution
  3. Identify potentially viable social enterprise ventures that are consistent with the organization’s mission, and feasible relative to available resources. Develop strategies and tactical plans to successfully launch the enterprise
  4. Engage senior management and teams to achieve consensus on key issues to maximize results.
  5. Develop reporting structures that clearly and concisely articulate performance, strategies, proposed initiatives and their value to the organization