Synthesis Solutions is a management advisory practice that serves private equity firms by  providing in-depth market and operations intelligence critical to the valuation of a target business. We identify weaknesses and risks to value as well as strengths and opportunities for upside potential. The broad industry knowledge and functional expertise of the Synthesis Solutions team enable us to conduct thorough due diligence on behalf of the buyer and to develop a tactical plan to enhance value in measurable ways. We remain hands-on throughout execution of the tactical phase or until our client feels comfortable in taking the lead.

Through Our Process We . . .

  • Perform market and operations diligence
  • Uncover weaknesses and threats to enterprise value
  • Identify growth opportunities and operational improvements as upside potential
  • Translate operations findings into financial impacts
  • Provide additional information to strengthen bargaining position
  • Assess current management team for fit going forward.

Through Our Operations Improvement Planning We . . .

  • Measurably increase enterprise value
  • Provide specific recommendations to leverage growth opportunities, improve operations, and reduce risk
  • Prepare practical and manageable implementation plans considering priorities and resources
  • Lead the implementation of key recommendations and initiatives
  • Direct internal project team(s) managed by experienced project leaders with relevant expertise
  • Provide specialized expertise to supplement the team when needed
  • Transfer knowledge and know-how to internal team members to ensure seamless operational hand-off.

Our Qualifications

  • Our team consists of seasoned business professionals who have built and managed successful businesses across many industries.
  • We address client challenges and opportunities in the most time and cost effective manner while minimizing the disruption to ongoing operations of the business.
  • Expertise and experience with successful M&A initiatives
  • Certified in business valuation
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver increased enterprise value.