What We Do

We help small businesses achieve their goals by overcoming obstacles and by taking advantage of opportunities that support growth. We also work with non-profit organizations to help them overcome their unique challenges and to excel at mission.

Who We Are

As seasoned business owners, entrepreneurs and managers, we’ve founded, built, and managed successful enterprises across many industries. Since 2008 we have also had the privilege of assisting non-profits with diverse and critical missions, and our commitment to this important sector remains strong.  

Our Approach

Our style is uniquely collaborative and innovative. We work together with you and your team to synthesize your best internal thinking with our broad experience and independent perspective to develop and deliver practical, measurable solutions. Our collaborative approach also enables organizations to build more robust strategic thinking skills and problem-solving capabilities and, most importantly, to execute consistently in all critical areas for the long term.

Measures of Success

  • Synthesis effectively addressed our client’s current challenges in the most time and cost effective manner, with minimal or no disruption to the day-to-day management and operational demands of the business.
  • Our collaborative process strengthened the organization’s strategic skills and problem solving capabilities.
  • The organization became more efficient, more entrepreneurial and ultimately more successful 
  • Synthesis earned rave reviews because we made a measurable difference.

We would welcome an opportunity to speak with you about your organizations mission and goals

Get in touch with Jim Stoynoff at (312) 802-1700 or stoynoff@gmail.com

  • Jim is experienced in every aspect of running a business. His expertise combined with his creative approach to problem solving has without a doubt helped make us a stronger business and put us on more solid ground.
  • In all the years I have been in business I have never found anyone with the understanding of what it really took to run a first class company as I have with Mike Sullivan.
  • Jim is unique in his ability to accurately assess the big picture and then take it down to the detailed implementation level. It is extremely rare to find someone who can look 5 years ahead in one minute, and then discuss monthly cash flow the next. Jim does this exceptionally well.