Great Conversations: Innovation Part 3

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Innovative ways to increase operational efficiencies

Welcome to Part 3 of our conversation which explores how small businesses are creating innovative processes to enhance efficiency.

For small-business owners, innovation used to be about the development of new products and services. Now, it’s about thinking in more adaptive and resourceful ways to improve business performance in key functional areas like operations. Operational innovations provide better efficiency, cost containment, better quality and competitive advantages.

Please join our Linked In conversation at Creating innovative processes to enhance efficiency to weigh in on one or both of the following questions:

1) What innovative operational processes have you implemented that improved efficiency and helped attain and/or sustain a competitive edge?

2) What challenges did you face in getting your teams to embrace the change that innovation necessarily brings?

We’d love to get your input !

To read Parts 1 and 2 of Great Conversations: Innovation click:

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Part 2: Adapting to changes in the marketplace in innovative ways

where you will find the contributions of other participating business owners and managers

Thank you for sharing your experiences with our peers!

Through Great Conversations: Innovation we want to engage business owners, their teams and all innovators who are interested in sharing valuable experiences and insights, in order to inspire and help others to boldly embrace innovation and excel at execution. It will help to make all of us stronger and more resilient in a time of economic insecurity.


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