Small businesses that hire us typically…

  1. Are unable to meet growth and revenue goals
  2. Are having difficulty meeting today’s commercial lending criteria
  3. Are experiencing shrinking margins
  4. Are not effectively executing strategic plans
  5. Have internal staff that is not adequately aligned on key issues effecting performance
  6. Have difficulty communicating effectively with their Board and other stakeholders
  7. Need assistance in staging their business for a sale

How We Add Value In Each of These Areas…

  1. Identify new market opportunities and implement strategies and sales processes to boost revenue
  2. Assess the organization’s condition in key areas of importance to commercial lenders, and improve performance
  3. Determine if their product or service is being commoditized and create differentiators to increase revenue and margins
  4. Identify and remediate obstacles to insure consistent, enthusiastic and effective execution
  5. Engage senior management and teams to achieve consensus on key issues and maximize results
  6. Develop reporting structures that clearly and concisely articulate performance, strategies, proposed initiatives and their value to the organization
  7. Create strategies to improve key business processes and human capital performance to drive EBITDA